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Social media sites are a great way for teenagers to socialise with their friends. Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and Instagram are all social networks that teenagers use to communicate with their friends and others through the Internet. But with the use of these networks increasing daily stories of teenagers coming under attack by cyber bullies and the fatalities because of this is also rising. Parents and teachers are mentors and guardians of children and teenagers; therefore do you think that they should have a better understanding of cyber bullies on the Internet to help guard teenagers against harmful situations?

In October 2013 a 12 year old girl from Florida committed suicide after malicious messages were sent to her via social networking sites. Two girls were later arrested in connection with the death of Rebecca Sedwick; however even after her death more spiteful messages appeared on Facebook clearly showing that the two girls felt no remorse over their actions. The parents of the two girls and the staff of the school came under scrutiny for not taking action earlier to prevent this tragedy as it came out that Rebecca and her mother had apparently reported the bullying to the school before the fatal incident. The police officer that was appointed to the case urged parents to take more responsibility for their children’s actions online. Many of the public believe that the parents of the two girls are to blame as they did not know their teenage daughters activities online and maybe if they knew more about it, they could have prevented the casualty of the young girl. Do you believe this is true?

Another cyber bullying case that caused a teenage suicide is the one about Rehtaeh Parsons, but this time instead of the parents it was the teachers of her school that came under scrutiny for not helping to prevent the fatal incident. Rehtaeh committed suicide after months of torture over social media sites where pictures and videos had surfaced of her being raped by four different boys. When finding out the news her parents did everything they felt they could do to support Rehtaeh, however they felt that the school did not support her and take necessary action within the school. As the pictures and videos were circulating around Rehtaeh’s classmates, she found school unbearable with the constant negative comments made towards her face to face and over the web. Her parent’s felt that the school should have spoken to students about the incident and supported Rehtaeh in anyway they could to make her time at school more bearable. Some of the public feel that if the teachers were more aware of how harmful cyber bullying can be to a person’s emotional and physical state maybe they would have understood and helped her more during this troubling time. Do you believe that the teachers could have done more in this situation?

After hearing about the two different cases on teenage cyber bullying do you think that it is teachers and parents moral duty to be more aware of cyber bullying amongst teens to help prevent further suicides?

Please let us know your thoughts on this subject; all your views are very much appreciated.




This info graphic shows the facts and figures on the truth about cyber bullying. It is shocking to see that 1 million children were cyber bullied in the year 2011, a number this high just shows how common it is within a vast amount of people’s day to day life. Knowing how bad it can affect a person both physically and emotionally and how many people have been affected in the past just shows that action needs to be taken to bring awareness to this cause.

Do you think if parents and teachers were more aware of how common this issue is amongst children/teenagers, they would be able to not only be more conscious of if a student or child is going through it, but maybe able to teach them the results it can have on a person to prevent any cyber bullying in the future?

If you have any views on these shocking facts please let us know, we would love to hear them.


This video shows the effects that bullying has on a person and their emotional state! Videos posted online about this cause are a great way to bring awareness to it!

This story has had mixed reactions and views; posted on the Daily Mail only twelve hours ago it has already racked up 300 comments. A mother in North Carolina, upon discovering that her teenage daughter had been the perpetrator of cyber bullying on a social media network, made the decision to punish her by shaming her on Facebook, forcing her to sell her iPod and donate the money to the charity BeatBullying, posting a picture, holding a message saying that she “makes poor choices on social media”.

Although some may think this is a positive way of chastising her child, others disagree, with comments made such as “humiliating your child to teach her not to humiliate other children? Gee, I wonder where she gets it!” and “this is terrible parenting, it’s things like this that make kids hate their parents. This will only make her behave worse out of spite”. The mother hit back at these adverse comments, writing on her Facebook page “I’m not worried about the negative that has been said about her punishment, I am her mother and I did what I thought was best given the circumstances. I’ve tried other punishments, and this fit the crime. I don’t regret a thing”.

What are your thoughts on this mother’s form of punishment? It could be seen as a good way of instilling better behavior on the internet in her daughter, by making her admit what she had done on a social network site where all her friends could see, but, like the comments made above by fellow mothers, it could also be seen as setting a bad example as she is humiliating her daughter for humiliating other children. Whatever your view, it’s obviously got people talking, which is positively highlighting the issue of cyber bullying.
We would really appreciate your thoughts and opinions on this particular story, do you agree or disagree with this mother’s choice? Comment below!

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Millions use social media worldwide for many different purposes, some for work and some for pleasure. With its popularity growing daily, it is no wonder the amount of celebrities that use it to contact their fans- giving them a way in which to share their world with the people that love them the most. And as a fan, the feeling that they get being able to look into the life of their most loved celebrity and see what their up to on a daily basis with pictures, comments etc. is exciting and rewarding.

Although there are so many positives to this new online world, there are also downsides. With fans being able to message on these social media sites their adoration to celebrities they can also message their hate. Unlike the general public celebrities have thousands more followers than anyone in the general public; therefore is it safe to say that they come under attack from cyber bullies more because of their celebrity status than others?

When looking at an examples of celebrities coming under attack from cyber bullies, in 2012 when Tom Daley (then aged 18) took part in the Olympics and coming fourth he received malicious tweets from a ‘Twitter troll’, one tweet even saying ‘you’ve let your father down.’ Tom’s father died of cancer in 2011.  Tom later re-tweeted these comments to his thousands of followers, writing his distress over such words and the boy was later arrested. With this terrible internet attack getting resolved he was comforted by his thousands of followers and flooded with praise from them about his accomplishments during the Olympics.

Another example of a celebrity that faced vicious attacks over social media was Charlotte Dawson (aged 47.) The Australian model and TV host received taunts over Twitter from various different members of the public, these comments came about after Charlotte came out to defend a fan and named and shamed the cyber bully that was victimising her fan to her thousands of followers. Some of the vile comments she received even said for her to ‘go hang yourself.’ Following the brutal online attack Charlotte was rushed to hospital after she tried to commit suicide, clearly showing the severe emotional distress that she was put through from this event. Now on the mend, she has not regrets over her actions and feels proud that she was able to help her fan but says that cyber bullying is something that has by no means stopped for her or others in the world.

With more celebrities going public with their stories about being cyber bullied do you think it’s fair to say that they are more at risk of being targeted by internet trolls as being in the public eye places them in the firing line to receive these attacks more so than the general public? Now whether you think this is true or not another point to ponder is that, although they could be victimised more so than the general public, do you think that they have a better support system than others because of their vast fan base?

As you have read, Charlotte Dawson was victimised for bringing to light a cyber bully to the world, but do you think that as a celebrity it is their ethical duty to act against cyber bullies and bring them to justice?

Please let us know your opinion on this matter; all your comments are appreciated.