This is a really thought provoking report, it’s great to see that the girl guides have released this report to help others realise what their friends or family members feelings towards being online may be.

Human Services Policy Network

The Girl Scouts Research Institute recently released their new report, “The State of Girls: Unfinished Business,” which stakes out key issues and major trends affecting girls’ healthy development today. The report uses data gathered from all girls and their families in the country in order to create a comprehensive report on the issues girls are facing today. The report covers many topics, including the quickly changing demographics of girls today, their economic and employment prospects, their emotional and physical well-being, their education, leadership, and inter-personal skills, and their participation in after-school and extra-curricular activities.

The report also covers one new issue girls are dealing with today: social media. The report found that while social media allows girls to interact with strangers, more than half of girls 14 to 17 say they use social media to reinforce their offline relationships. Social media helps them feel closer and more connected to their…

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