It’s awful to see that these teenagers felt the need to took their own lives over the fact they were being cyber bullied, it just proves once again how this cause has such a terrible effect on others. However, it is great to see that action is being taken to ensure there will be consequences to cyber bullies horrific actions towards others.

CBS Denver

DENVER (CBS4)– Some state lawmakers are working to make sure Colorado’s kids are more protected against cyber bullying.

Right now here is nothing in Colorado’s criminal code that addresses cyber bullying.

District attorneys have brought charges of harassment but statutorily it doesn’t exactly fit the crime.

The gap in the statutes has lawmakers worried as cyber bullying is linked to extreme consequences.

In Florida a 12-year-old girl jumped to her death after being the target of months of online bullying.

In California a 15-year-old girl who was sexually assaulted at a party committed suicide after pictures of the assault turned up on the internet.

In Canada a 17-year-old hanged herself after photos showing her as the victim of a gang rape were emailed to everyone at school.

Stories of cyber bullying have become depressingly familiar and Colorado is the latest state to consider legislation addressing it.

“It just hurts…

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