This story has had mixed reactions and views; posted on the Daily Mail only twelve hours ago it has already racked up 300 comments. A mother in North Carolina, upon discovering that her teenage daughter had been the perpetrator of cyber bullying on a social media network, made the decision to punish her by shaming her on Facebook, forcing her to sell her iPod and donate the money to the charity BeatBullying, posting a picture, holding a message saying that she “makes poor choices on social media”.

Although some may think this is a positive way of chastising her child, others disagree, with comments made such as “humiliating your child to teach her not to humiliate other children? Gee, I wonder where she gets it!” and “this is terrible parenting, it’s things like this that make kids hate their parents. This will only make her behave worse out of spite”. The mother hit back at these adverse comments, writing on her Facebook page “I’m not worried about the negative that has been said about her punishment, I am her mother and I did what I thought was best given the circumstances. I’ve tried other punishments, and this fit the crime. I don’t regret a thing”.

What are your thoughts on this mother’s form of punishment? It could be seen as a good way of instilling better behavior on the internet in her daughter, by making her admit what she had done on a social network site where all her friends could see, but, like the comments made above by fellow mothers, it could also be seen as setting a bad example as she is humiliating her daughter for humiliating other children. Whatever your view, it’s obviously got people talking, which is positively highlighting the issue of cyber bullying.
We would really appreciate your thoughts and opinions on this particular story, do you agree or disagree with this mother’s choice? Comment below!

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