This blog post highlights so many points. Not only two internet trolls who were convicted in the end but the thought of how sending one message online can reach so many people and how Twitter and other social networking sites need to review how they are monitoring these harmful messages.

Legal Problem Child

…that if you haven’t got anything nice to say – step away from your social media platform.

The admission of guilt from Isabella Sorley and John Nimmo yesterday sends a clear message that internet trolling is an activity not to be undertaken on a whim.

Isabella Sorley and John Nimmo

Both Sorley (23) and Nimmo (25) are admitting to the sending of “menacing” tweets directed at the feminist journalist Caroline Criado-Perez following her successful campaign to put Jane Austen’s face on British £10 notes. (Which – whilst on the subject – is bloody fantastic. The fact she had to do it at all is a bit sad but well bloody done Caroline. I love a bit of Austen. Thank you.)


Following her success Caroline received multitudinous messages of bile, vitriol and outright nastiness from many different users on social media platform, Twitter. According to her those messages attributed to Sorley and Nimmo (which included threats…

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