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On our blog we have previously written about whether celebrities are more at risk of coming under attack of cyber bullies than the general public; however, what happens when celebrities ARE the cyber bullies? As previously said the popularity of social networks is growing all the time and now fans can follow their favourite stars and see their daily tweets about anything and everything. With some megastars having millions of followers it just shows how their tweets can reach so many people worldwide. As celebrities are thought of as role models, it is normally the case that their fans will imitate their behaviour. With that in mind it is thought that some celebrities are conveying a positive light on a very damaging action.

As portrayed in September 2013, Rihanna was accused of cyber bullying a fellow star, singer Teyana Taylor. Rihanna posted on the social networking site Instagram a video of her hairdresser wearing a wig much like Teyana’s hair and singing a song which the singer had covered.  When Teyana tweeted her dismay over the unprovoked attack Rihanna wrote “I REFUSE to help your career…you will NOT get an @ from me! Not til you pay me! #nomorefreepromo #iRefuse.” And then later tweeted “I hate broke bitches.” The tweets were later deleted, suggesting the star had realised the damage that she had caused. Some feel that Rihanna made it look to her millions of fans that it was ok to talk to and treat a person this way, surely as a role model that sort of treatment to another person should not be publicised, as some followers could think that it is acceptable to treat a person that way?

Another example of a celebrity that has been accused of cyber bullying is Perez Hilton; he made a name for himself and his fortune by posting vulgar pictures and stories on his blog and Twitter about stars. He gained millions of followers from his offensive behaviour; he even tried targeting certain stars about their sexual preference. Celebrities and the public came out to say that he was thought to be a cyber bully and when he caught wind of this he said he was determined to change his ways. Nevertheless, he had by then gained his millions of followers and publicity so surely they were rewarding him for being a cyber bully?

Many think that celebrities are role models to others and therefore have a great amount of power over millions of people worldwide. Some fans will do anything to be like their beloved icons, dress like them, speak like them, and act like them. Therefore, with certain stars publicising cyber bullying it could increase the amount of internet trolls as fans could think that behaving like that is acceptable.

Do you think it is ethically moral for celebrities to publicise their cyber bullying and let their fans think that behaving like that is the right way to act?

Please let us know your opinion on this matter; all your comments are appreciated.