This is a really touching post! It just shows how receiving hateful attacks online by an anonymous source can be so damaging to an individual, especially a young person.


Anonymity can be a wonderful thing; it can provide comfort, safety and an opportunity for expression for some people. However, anonymity can also provide a curtain for which some insensitive, and morally lacking individuals may hide behind.

In the summer of 2010, I decided that I wanted to make YouTube videos. I enjoyed watching other YouTube users, like charlieissocoollike and Alex Day, and was in the process of applying to study Film and Television Production at University, so it made sense. I got really excited about all the topics I could cover, and all the things I could go out and film, then come back and edit. I was a shy teenager (not much better as a post-adolescent actually), so the idea of being on camera at all, let alone on the Internet, was a daunting thing. I had hoped it would help boost my confidence if I could makeā€¦

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