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Eric Campbell
Staff Writer

Selena Gomez has set the standard on how to deal with fans bullying one another. During an Instagram conversation between two of Gomez’ fans, one fan mocked another who posted a picture of a self-harm scar.

The caption for the scar photo: “I just wanna die so all of this will end already. I feel so worthless. It’s hard for me to ignore people.” While the second fan—with the username “selinagomesfan”—wrote: “Cut, cut, cut, cut!”

The singer soon intervened, sending out words of hope and encouragement to the first fan, while disapproving of the second fan.

Gomez wrote: “This is ridiculous. @selinagomesfan my fans don’t do this to others. That’s not what I stand for so you can gladly stop being a fan of me. I only encourage love, confidence, kindness.”
Gomez then said to the first fan: “My love, you are gorgeous just the way you are…

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