A really interesting statement, should parents be responsible for ALL of their child’s actions and take the fall for them? Even if this includes the repercussions of their child’s cyber bullying?

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Two girls (fourteen and twelve years old in Florida have been arrested and charged with aggravated stalking and cyber bullying after they allegedly tormented a 12-year-old girl named Rebecca so relentlessly that last month, she leapt to her death from a tower in an abandoned concrete plant. The arrest came after the following post was made on the fourteen year olds Facebook page: “Yes IK I bullied REBECCA nd she killed herself but IDGAF.”

We are constantly hearing about teenagers committing suicide due to cyber bullying. In fact, cyber bullying is becoming more common than actual physical bullying, this may be because the bullies feel “safer” when sitting behind a computer screen because they know their victim cannot “get them” as it were.

Following the two girls being arrested for cyber bullying Rebecca, the sheriffs department have said that they would like to charge the parents of both girls because they feel that the parents’ were…

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