This post states that cyber bullying in some states of America is actually illegal, with fines being charged and/or even imprisonment for some people found guilty of doing it. It is great to see how seriously cyber bullying is being taken but how effective are these laws? And could this become a nationwide/worldwide law? - Your Information Security Source

Cyberbullying has a great impact to a person’s life. The damage can vary from simple to life-threatening.

Bullying is a serious matter. According to the National Crime Prevention Council’s report in 2011, more than 50% of the United States’ teenage population is suffering from one form of bullying or even more. With the Internet’s technology and social media websites like Facebook, bullying has even extended itself to cyberspace. This is what people call “cyberbullying.”

There have been several cases already of cyberbullying that, unfortunately, has resulted to deaths. One case is Rachael Neblett of Kentucky. Rachel had unfortunately committed suicide because of bullying in her MySpace account. Before her death in October 2006, she had received scores of threatening emails and messages online. Her parents brought the emails to the attention of the school principal, but the bullying only got worse.

In October 2006, the bully sent her another email…

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