Very thoughtful and insightful video on how bigger part social media is in people’s everyday lives, and how it can be a positive and a negative thing. Touches on bullying, online predators and even suicide.

Krista Hague

In today’s society, we use the internet daily and we often think it’s a way of life. And although it and other social media plays a huge role in everyone’s lives, it can result to some of the worst struggles and issues a person may have to face.

The content presented in Growing Up Online was very useful and informative. The video talked about numerous topics of what concerns kids face while using the internet. Cyber bullying, sexual predators, eating disorders, fighting, cheating on homework and displaying their identity to the world are all examples of how social sites can affect students.

The direct response to the information presented was that the younger generation relies on social networking. Many use it to do homework and read book reviews rather than reading the book and finding out what it’s about. Also cheating and plagiarism is another problem students can face.


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