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This post proves very interesting to read. Do the controls schools have over its students intrude and impend on their privacy? How far can a school go to protect its students from cyber bullying?

Cyber Bullying: Virtual Harassment with Real World Consequences

medfrd1248The decision for school systems to monitor their student’s online activities is a difficult one. It can receive immense backlash from parents and students who believe this monitoring will infringe on their right to free speech. Recently, Glendale Unified School District in California made the decision to monitor their student’s internet activity and chose to do so by hiring the firm, Geo Listening. The school district was recovering from the devastating recent suicides of two students caused by cyber bullying, and decided they were willing to take the risk of criticism from students and parents in an attempt to reduce cyber bullying in their area. School officials now use Geo Listening to monitor the activity of students at three of their high schools, Glendale, Hoover, and Crescenta Valley.

Now that the decision has been made to place surveillance on student’s out-of-school activities, the biggest concern is how Geo Listening will…

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A really interesting statement, should parents be responsible for ALL of their child’s actions and take the fall for them? Even if this includes the repercussions of their child’s cyber bullying?

Gary Cunningham's Blog

Two girls (fourteen and twelve years old in Florida have been arrested and charged with aggravated stalking and cyber bullying after they allegedly tormented a 12-year-old girl named Rebecca so relentlessly that last month, she leapt to her death from a tower in an abandoned concrete plant. The arrest came after the following post was made on the fourteen year olds Facebook page: “Yes IK I bullied REBECCA nd she killed herself but IDGAF.”

We are constantly hearing about teenagers committing suicide due to cyber bullying. In fact, cyber bullying is becoming more common than actual physical bullying, this may be because the bullies feel “safer” when sitting behind a computer screen because they know their victim cannot “get them” as it were.

Following the two girls being arrested for cyber bullying Rebecca, the sheriffs department have said that they would like to charge the parents of both girls because they feel that the parents’ were…

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This post states that cyber bullying in some states of America is actually illegal, with fines being charged and/or even imprisonment for some people found guilty of doing it. It is great to see how seriously cyber bullying is being taken but how effective are these laws? And could this become a nationwide/worldwide law? - Your Information Security Source

Cyberbullying has a great impact to a person’s life. The damage can vary from simple to life-threatening.

Bullying is a serious matter. According to the National Crime Prevention Council’s report in 2011, more than 50% of the United States’ teenage population is suffering from one form of bullying or even more. With the Internet’s technology and social media websites like Facebook, bullying has even extended itself to cyberspace. This is what people call “cyberbullying.”

There have been several cases already of cyberbullying that, unfortunately, has resulted to deaths. One case is Rachael Neblett of Kentucky. Rachel had unfortunately committed suicide because of bullying in her MySpace account. Before her death in October 2006, she had received scores of threatening emails and messages online. Her parents brought the emails to the attention of the school principal, but the bullying only got worse.

In October 2006, the bully sent her another email…

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We wonder how effective this new ‘report abuse’ button will be…

Very thoughtful and insightful video on how bigger part social media is in people’s everyday lives, and how it can be a positive and a negative thing. Touches on bullying, online predators and even suicide.

Krista Hague

In today’s society, we use the internet daily and we often think it’s a way of life. And although it and other social media plays a huge role in everyone’s lives, it can result to some of the worst struggles and issues a person may have to face.

The content presented in Growing Up Online was very useful and informative. The video talked about numerous topics of what concerns kids face while using the internet. Cyber bullying, sexual predators, eating disorders, fighting, cheating on homework and displaying their identity to the world are all examples of how social sites can affect students.

The direct response to the information presented was that the younger generation relies on social networking. Many use it to do homework and read book reviews rather than reading the book and finding out what it’s about. Also cheating and plagiarism is another problem students can face.


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31,599 children / young people rang child line 2011/2012 for help regarding bullying they were suffering from, shocking number and only the tip of an iceberg, but sadly so true of a world we live in. Some of these victims’ lives will be destroyed because of this. A current focus with my business and ‘safer handling’ of children covers a more holistic approach to ‘handling’ – it’s not just about restraint. Children can develop their own coping techniques which included propensities to inflict harm upon themselves e.g. banging head on wall. These are signs I want education providers to start picking up on and helping develop our young people’s coping options. Joanne from Total Train

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Welcome to our brand new anti cyber bullying blog. We’re three UK students in our third year of University, who are dedicated and passionate about the issue of cyber bulling. The aim of this blog is to get people talking about this issue; any comments, opinions, or personal experiences are encouraged and appreciated. Although this blog isn’t going to stop bullying or trolling on the internet, we hope it’s a step in the right direction, and a place where people can come to share their thoughts on the topic.


Thanks, E, A and R